Volunteers are one of our most valuable resources!


In 2017 we had volunteers donate over 11,782 hours by either driving to deliver meals, prepping or serving food, cleaning, washing dishes or bagging pet food.


When congress created the Older American Nutrition Program, it was created with the intent that many of the jobs be done with volunteers. Therefore, the funding only covers the basic program necessities of food product, equipment, supplies and minimal staffing to cook the meals. The idea behind volunteers was simple: using seniors to perform much of the work at meal sites and with home delivery gave the seniors opportunities to maintain physical activities, those who felt they couldn’t afford to pay for meals would have a chance to ‘work’ for their meal, and above all, it gave them a sense of purpose, the feeling of being needed and for many - a reason to live.

The Meals-on-Wheels Program of Yakima County depends on volunteers in various capacities to operate Senior Dining Rooms and Home Delivery. Volunteers are not just seniors, they are all ages, from high school to concerned fully employed people who want to help out during their lunch hour.


Help is needed in every aspect of the program from the central kitchen and office to each community where we provide services. It can be daily during the lunch hour, once a week or whenever your time allows. Without volunteers, our program would be significantly reduced.

Volunteering is not just worthy and rewarding - VOLUNTEERING IS A WORK OF HEART!

YOU can make a difference in someone’s life!

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the volunteer application or call us at 509-426-2601 or toll free 1-855-426-2601.