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The Older Americans Act of 1965 was signed into law on July 14, 1965; it was created to address a serious health issue of America’s senior citizens: poor or inadequate nutrition.

One of the many programs created under the act was the Nutrition Programs which included: Congregate (dining rooms) and Home Delivered meals.

Both programs intended to increase the health, quality of life and extend the time in which a senior can remain independent and in their own home.

People For People took over the program on July 1 st , 2011. Prior to that date Yakima County was in charge of the Meals-On- Wheels program.

Follow-up studies on the effectiveness of the nutrition programs has shown that Meals-On- Wheels intervention extends the time a senior can stay in their home instead of being placed into a nursing home by at least 3 months. That follow-up also revealed two other major findings:

Our program serves healthy meals that meet 1/3 of the USDA requirements. All meals consist of:

*There is no charge for the meals; however we do have a suggested donation of $2.50 per meal.

*Anyone over 60 qualifies for our program; dining rooms are an excellent way for seniors to socialize while eating nutritious meals, most centers offer other activities for example: bingo, exercise classes, pinochle, etc. Call the center directly for information about these activities.

*We have 6 dining rooms in Yakima County.

*We don’t service the Yakama Reservation (Call the Yakama Reservation Area Agency (509) 865-7164 if you live in that area)

*Requirements for the home delivery program are: the senior is unable to cook their own meal and have no one at home to cook a meal and the senior is homebound. Refer to the Program tab for more information.

*Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.